Cinnamon Bread Toast & Grape Jelly – My Breakfast Favorite


Ahhh, the smell of cinnamon toast and jelly in the morning, now that’s the breakfast of this champion! Every morning before I head out for the day, I eat one to two slices of Pepperidge Farm cinnamon bread toasted and served with Welch’s natural concord grape jelly (along with eggs or some other protein). In spite of my recent efforts to be more health conscience, my instincts take over and I satisfy my taste buds with this eating pleasure. Should I take a look at the contents of my obsession? Given my healthy eating goals, here’s what I have learned:

Cinnamon Bread Jelly Total
Calories 80 30 120
Fat 1.5g 0g 1.5
Total Carbs 15g 8g 23g
Sugars 4g 8g 12g
Protein 3g 0g 3g
Fiber <1g 0g <1g

My conclusion, beyond the carb load necessary for brain and body functioning as I head into the classroom, this breakfast is for my sheer enjoyment.


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