DASH Diet – A Nutritionally Sound Diet

The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet is one that was originally designed to help individuals needing to reduce high blood pressure. Because its’ focus is to reduce sodium intake, people gain better control of their blood pressure. However, given it emphasizes eating the right foods and the right proportions, it is effective in managing … More DASH Diet – A Nutritionally Sound Diet

Cinnamon Bread Toast & Grape Jelly – My Breakfast Favorite

Ahhh, the smell of cinnamon toast and jelly in the morning, now that’s the breakfast of this champion! Every morning before I head out for the day, I eat one to two slices of Pepperidge Farm cinnamon bread toasted and served with Welch’s natural concord grape jelly (along with eggs or some other protein). In … More Cinnamon Bread Toast & Grape Jelly – My Breakfast Favorite

Energy Drinks – What’s different?

Energy drinks are the latest caffeinated beverages on the market and claim to provide energy beyond that of coffee beverages. What makes them different? Beyond varying levels of caffeine, energy drinks contain additional supplements that include B vitamins, ginseng, guarana, taurine, and gingko biloba. Many of these supplements are considered healthy and do provide some … More Energy Drinks – What’s different?

Protein Smoothies

One of my favorite ways to supplement my diet is with protein smoothies. Often I will have a smoothie after a workout or when I don’t have time to eat between school and going to work. When putting together smoothies, I make sure that I include a base of whey protein powder from a reputable … More Protein Smoothies

Bone Broth – What’s All the Rage About It?

Bone broth is the latest, new superfood. What is it and why is everyone so hyped about it? Bone broth, the simmering stock of bones, has been consumed around the world daily for centuries. However, recently it has been rediscovered and revered as the “new superfood” due to the revelation that its contents yield numerous … More Bone Broth – What’s All the Rage About It?

Ginseng Tea – a Healthier Alternative to Coffee

Recently, I was introduced to Korean ginseng tea to drink in the morning instead of coffee. The argument was that it would provide better energy generating effects and has long-term positive outcomes in areas of stress reduction, mental functioning, heart health, and blood sugar management. What I learned is that ginseng contains several steroid compounds … More Ginseng Tea – a Healthier Alternative to Coffee

Power Balls

Here is one of my favorite protein snack recipes that my mom makes. They’re packed full of protein, omega 3’s, and fiber along with other tasty treats such as chocolate, cranberries, honey and peanut butter! So not only are they good for our bodybuilding process, but heart healthy, satisfying, and delicious! Calories: 132 per serving, … More Power Balls